What you see is what you win!

How often in our lives are we told that what we are aiming for is just too good to be true? Definitely way too often! Here we tend to think quite differently. We think positive - and so should you! Positive thinking is required when you play in an online casino of course. This counts even more for the purely random games like the slots. You can not possibly start gambling there without being in a positive mood. Would you think of a game as worth playing if you had a mindset that contains just negative thoughts? Probably not. In the bigger picture, you would probably not choose to play in an online casino at all if you were not thinking about that something that you could take away from there. You are always thinking or even dreaming about that big win. And it is there, waiting for the dedicated player who may actually have sacrificed quite some time in getting there. But maybe this long journey started with some free spins. Many casinos tend to offer such freebies to wake the new players' interest. What people often forget is that you can not only try out a game with these free spins. You can also start winning with the free spins. What you do with the money you win is up to you. In most cases however, you may have to fulfill some conditions first, before you will be able to pay out the respective money.


Why casinos offer you free spins

We touched the surface of the main reason already. But we know that you want to find out more about them - so we'll let you know more. All the online casinos you can find on the internet are in a fierce battle for market shares. This is the deeper reason why so many casinos try to outfox their counterparts with more and better bonuses. Some add some extra balance to your account. Others provide you with free spins. There are even casinos where you can get both, free spins and additional balance on the account. It all plays on the point that human beings sometimes act like lions or tigers. They have an instinct for easy prey. For us, this means freebies. The more we got for free, the happier we are generally. So, if a casino wants to be one step ahead, it should try to offer more free spins. Whether these are valid for one game or for several games in the portfolio is up to the casino of course. But for the customer better and more choices are often a reason why they choose one casino over the other. You can really judge the offers by numbers and go by the higher amount of free spins if you think that two casinos are about the same at first glance. We tell you this with a good confidence, because we have never been let down with too many freebies.

Casinos can not offer you money - but ...

Of course, a casino is not a welfare institution. It would never just give you money for no play. Money earned from playing the games also means that you will have to submit some bets, and that some of those will lose. Looking at the games only, an online casino might look designed for you to lose money. In some parts this is obviously true, because the casino operator needs to earn his share of money as well to cover all the costs. But again, this is where free spins turn the tables in your favour. You are not completely at the mercy of the mighty casino operators, because they give you something in return for your faith. No, you will still not get your money directly just because you are the nicest person they know. But if you are lucky while you are playing some games your casino has paid for, you will walk away with some Dollars or Rand in your pockets. It may not be much and you may yet have to think about what you will be doing with this money. But at least you can count on the fact that if the lucky gods are in your favour, your account balance will soon increase. If a casino is particularly generous, it would even offer you to pay out this money without having to fulfill any wagering requirements. Such casinos are really rare in the business however.

Use your winnings the right way

Assuming that a casino is following the usual way of offering you free spins for your sign-up maybe, you may hope for some early winnings. In most cases you will then have to play for a certain amount of times in the casino until you can request a payout of your winnings from the slots. Mostly, the winnings will have to be re-used a certain number of times to fulfill the wagering requirements. Only if these requirements are fulfilled, you will be able to request that money to be paid out. The have the wagering requirements fulfilled properly, you must absolutely read the details of the game. There you will surely find out about what needs to happen in case of a win from free spins. It is almost a given that you will have to try and wager it through some more slots. You can play the same game again or go walkabout on the many other slots so many online casinos are able to offer you. Technically, it is mostly possible to wager the earnings from free spins through other types of games as well. They may not participate at the same rate as the slots though. Higher RTPs and subsequent lower house edges for table games for example offer you as a player more security. For the casinos however they are not quite as safe as a source of income, as the results are based on tactics and strategies as well as just luck.

Play your heart out for real money!

The single most important thing around games in the online casino is to have as much fun as you can. If you spot freebies, grab them by the neck and put them to use. Every single free spin could at some point become your launch pad for something bigger. If you have not yet read about some of the highest jackpot wins in history, it is time to do so. It helps you a lot and you will learn to understand that even the slightest win from free spins can be absolutely great. Even greater on the short term would obviously be if you were able to hold on to your winnings. But the casinos' obligations in terms of finances would not always allow you this. Or at least they would not be able or willing to pay out your winnings right away. It only happens really rarely - and if you get to spot it, you may not actually be able to tell many people. Such loopholes towards easy money are quite often patched up very swiftly. In the end, if you don't get the wins you have been hoping for with the free spins, you have two options. Either you try it again, but this time with your own real money. Or you leave the casino you may only just have joined and sign up at the next address. There the games can start from scratch again and maybe you will be successful there!


Last modified: 24 January 2021